Pick Up The Clay

A Policeman's Life Journey


Kenneth G. Stanelle

At times life has felt grim, and I almost felt suicidal.  But then I would remember Ken's words, 'Pick Up The Clay', and snap out of it".

~Jan Marie Martin, Political Consultant

Until I picked up this book, I had no idea who Ken Stanelle even was.  But after reading it, I really, really wish I had met this wonderful man.

~Lieutenant Colonel John T. Peterson, United States Marine Corps

Ken inspired me to pursue all of my dreams.  I have performed aerobatics, traveled the world (several times, climbed mountains, scuba dived, and excelled in my career.  I owe Ken a great deal of credit for all that I have achieved.

~Larry D. Gensch, Mechanical Engineering Specialist

A sweet and remarkable true story about a 1950's police officer's lifetime of perseverance following a devastating injury in the line of duty.  Told through the eyes of his wife, Pick Up The Clay offers inspiration for finding meaning and purpose when life falls apart.

~ purudaya

 Great read..especially for those that have gone through hard times.  Wonderful story! This book makes me want to know Ken and Shirley. Pick up the clay, what a beautiful premise!

~Shelley Powers-Blessing

Shirley thank you for sharing this amazing story of faith,strength,and love of family and the importance of never giving up. If more people could follow your husbands desire not to give up and follow their dreams the world would be a much better place. You are an inspiration to all and your husbands story and your beautiful love made me smile. God Bless you and your family

~Maureen Barber

A refreshingly honest and relatable story! Ken’s life was inspiring and unique, and Shirley was the perfect person to tell the story.